Hardscapes are visual items added to a landscape that add character, texture and functionality.


Pavers enhance the appearance of your landscape and add value to your home. Pavers are a low maintenance alternative to concrete, asphalt, and wood decking. Pavers come in many styles, textures and colors. Paver projects include walkways, driveways and patios.

Retaining and Sitting Walls

Retaining walls can serve two purposes. One is to hold back ground that would otherwise move forward. The other is to create different levels or use as a border around planting beds, trees, etc. Sitting walls are built at a height of 18 to 24 inches and can be used as seating around patios and pools.

Outdoor Kitchens and Fire Pits

More people are trying to increase their outdoor living space by adding Outdoor Kitchens or Fire Pits. Outdoor Kitchens are great for entertaining, while Fire Pits can create a relaxing environment for you and/or guests.


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